Bathroom Design

Have you heard the term “spa bath”? Of course you have, it is very hard not to have missed these words as they seem to be the current buzzwords that every writer has to have in their bag of tricks. What actually is a spa bathroom and why does everyone want to incorporate those elements into their next bathroom remodeling?

The spa experience has long been coveted as an experience for royals that the average person can also avail themselves of. Look at Cleopatra and the baths that were built for her in her native Egypt and when she went to visit Caesar in Rome. Tile work, frescos, mosaic designs, and acres and acres of water features. Is today’s spa bath any different? Returning from vacation, people marvel at the spa facilities at their favorite resort and want to duplicate those restful, calming experiences at home. What makes a spa bath so restful?

In contrast to the riot of bathroom fixture colors that dominated bathroom design in the 1950s and 1960s (remember blue, green, harvest gold), spa baths are an oasis of pastel hues taken from the very lightest shades in the color palette promoted by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Calming colors create a tranquil feel – perfect for the spa bath mood.

Then there are textures which are not rough or shiny, but matte finishes such as tumbled marble or limestone. These reference the Roman baths which were testaments to the stone mason’s craft in Italy millennia before now.
Wood tones are not light, nor dark, but natural tones that blend seamlessly with the stone. Nothing stands out. Everything is smooth and restful.

If you are looking to remodel your master bath into a spa bath retreat, start with the mood and then select your material choices from there. You will achieve restfulness, without having to work at it too hard.